Because your team is worth it!

Using an external coach is a smart way to join the discussions from within your team, rather than as an external factor if you were to moderate yourself. 

Whatever the objectives of your business meeting, our experienced coach is there to assist you with his external perspective on your internal challenges. 

We provide group coaching in English, Dutch and French.

Your coach

Patrick Marette is a French native speaker from Belgium. Having studied marketing in the Netherlands, he built a long-lasting career at the senior corporate business level around his passion for brands, sales and business development in the ever-evolving FMCG industry. During his career, Patrick created and/or managed several companies active in advertising, trade marketing, media and design. He also launched subsidiaries for some of them in Geneva, Sofia and Cairo.


He then decided to focus on transmitting his insights and experience to others. Having travelled the world extensively and spent several years living abroad in countries such as the US, Thailand, Australia, the Netherlands, Senegal and Bulgaria, Patrick is a true world citizen with a profound ability to relate to people from multicultural backgrounds, encompassing all origins and cultures.


Patrick is fluent in French, Dutch and English and also speaks some Italian, Spanish and Wolof.


A passionate and natural challenger, Patrick loves to connect the dots and consider your challenge in its true entirety.

Patrick Marette